About Us



Deepening Change has the mission to facilitate change to enable us to thrive as Individuals, Teams, Organisations and Boards.  

Through Sacred Thread it is my mission to see every parent take the profound transformation opportunity that they are gifted with.



Change, Culture & Meditation

What a ride it was to get here today.  I have spent over 20 years in Executive, Senior Leadership teams delivering the most complex changes.

If you are struggling to embed cultural change in your organisation, let's talk.

As an advanced mediation teacher I have trained globally.  I help high performing leaders become compassionate, mindful, socially responsible and importantly present for their staff and peers. 

I deliver meditation services across workplace teams and in the community.

Facilitating the work of Deepening Changes comes from my heart.  I immerse with global leaders to bring to Australia global best practice.

If this resonates, reach out.